How To Refer Those In Need 

Saint Benedict's-fairstore offer low cost or even free storage to those that are in need. 

Working with fellow charities or local councils Saint Benedict's-fairstore receive referrals to assist families or individuals in their time of need and provide storage of their household goods.

A number of groups qualify after being referred by a charity or council .

We simply ask for some proof of qualification to qualify for the low cost storage offered for low income families and individuals the government definition is  a household is in persistent low income if it has less than 60% of the UK’s median (average) income for 3 out of 4 years - this was £28,000 for a couple with no children in 2016-2017

The cost for contributing to storage is typically 50-75% less then high street storage providers. 

Saint Benedict's -fairstore have over the years had thousands of individuals and families referred for help.

The following organisations have made referrals if you cannot see the charity or council who is helping you please ask them to contact us directly if you would you would like to click on the links they will go directly to the referral partner; 




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