charitable storage solutions

The organisations main purpose is to store items for a variety of groups of people, who are considered by the UK Government to be suffering

from poverty that is summarised  basically in three current definitions. The common usage terms are knows as:  absolute poverty, relative

poverty and social exclusion. 

The charity also stores for those fleeing domestic violence, those receiving benefits, pensioners the disabled, in physical ill health or suffering

with mental health problems and receives referrals from the National Health Service .

The service is not just to these groups as an assessment is made on a case by case basis for each enquiry received.

The storage is provided at a very low rate or if there is available  space, and if the need is such that it warrants a discretionary application for 

free storage due to the financial needs of the individual or family this will be granted for a period of one to three months. 

The charity works with a number of other charities such as Crisis and Shelter and many other not for profit organisations to enable the service

to be offered to  clients of those organisations.


We also receive referrals from a number of local authorities and store for those individuals or families who councils are assisting.. This provides 

a significant service to the community.   

Local authorities have a duty to protect personal possessions for homeless clients under Part VII of the Housing Act 1996. 

This difficultly for those experiencing homelessness is steadily increasing, so we are providing alternative options for the provision of removal

and storage of goods.

The charity offers its services to all sections of the community the provision of discounted storage facilities locally usually is not accessible

within the local area.

The charity provides storage space , which is both difficult to find and/or extremely expensive relative to the financial circumstances of those

groups we assist who usually are unable to pay for personal storage of items and certainly not at commercial rates


advice lines and online help


The Crisis website and support services offer a comprehensive assistance to those  facing homelessness 

Crisis Website also they can be contacted on 0300 636 1967


Shelter offers in depth knowledge and advice and guidance on homelessness issues 

Shelter Website  or can be contacted on 0808 800 4444

Citizen's Advice offers good advice at their centres throughout the country and online - at - or can also be contacted on 0344 411 1444

Woman's Aid for those suffering from, domestic violence or by phone 0117 944 44 11

Hestia  supporting adults and children across London who are victims of abuse also on  +44 (0) 20 7378 3100

British Red Cross Worldwide Humanitarian Charity and assisting those in the UK with homelessness 

 0344 871 11 11


Samaritans are available to listen to you 24 / 7 on 116 123.

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