The terms "we" or "us" refers to the storage company and the remover and delivery agent. This agreement may be varied by prior written agreement. Unless otherwise noted these terms represent the entire agreement.


This Agreement will remain valid for one year from the date of the inception signature.

  • Any dispute or claim that either you or we bring will be decided on the basis of the laws of England and Wales by the Courts of England and Wales.

  • This agreement shall not create a tenancy or lease or similar arrangement. 

  • Either you or we may terminate this agreement via this procedure:

    • by giving at least 28 (twenty-eight) days' written notice to the other.

    • if we commit a breach of this agreement, which we do not put right within 28 (twenty-eight) days of you notifying us, then you may terminate this agreement.

    • If you breach this agreement and do not put that breach right within 28 (twenty- eight) days of us notifying you, then we may terminate this agreement.

Donation Cost
  • For the duration of the agreement we will not alter the minimum donation we require for one year from the date of inception based on the attached inventory and detailed items in that inventory and thereafter the level of donation will be guaranteed to at a level that means storage is subsidised as we offer three  categories of subsidy a) 25%, b) 50%, or c) 75% discount that we may be apply, to  the whole or part of the storage period, but this would depend on you supplying evidence of your financial circumstances. All donations payable to the organisation under the agreement will become due immediately upon termination of the agreement.

  • You agree to pay us monies agreed as a donation in arrears of the removal or storage period. If you have difficulties, you must contact us.

  • If you want collection over the weekend or on a public holiday, or at early morning  or late night hours an additional charge as an additional donation will be payable for removal or delivery.

  • Either you or a representative must be present at the collection or removal of the goods. Either you or the representative will also make sure nothing will be either removed or left behind in error.

  • We will not be responsible for any delay in circumstances that are beyond our control.

  • If items for storage are packed insufficiently causing the bags and or boxes to need replacing there will be a charge for this.

  • If items are not clearly labelled they will not be collected

Duties of Storage Organisation
  • We are responsible for your goods while they are stored with us. During pick up or delivery, we are responsible for your goods while they are in our control. 

  • If your goods are damaged you must make a claim to us at the earliest possible time, and not later than 6 days after delivery. We are not liable unless the damage occurred as a result of negligence or breach of agreement.

  • There is a limit of £50.00 per item unless other arrangements are made. An item is here defined as the entire contents of a box, package, carton or container (or any other object that is stored by us).

  • We have the right to sub-agreement part or all of the work, but if this is the case these terms and conditions will still apply.

Uncollected Goods
  • Uncollected goods-will be, if required disposed of under the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977

  • This will also apply to goods that are deemed to be abandoned.

  • Where the agreed donation towards the costs of storage is not paid for 3 months the goods will be deemed as uncollected/abandoned; unless an alternative written agreement between the parties is put in place.  

Exclusions of Liability
  • We are not liable for loss or damage to your goods as the result of fire or explosion, however these were caused. An Act of God or other event outside our control is also not covered.

  • No employee or agent of ours can be held separately liable for any loss or damage, mis-delivery, errors or omissions under this agreement.

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