Low Cost Storage

Saint Benedict's-fairstore offer low cost or even free storage to those that are in need. 

Working with fellow charities or local councils Saint Benedict's-fairstore receive referrals to assist families or individuals in their time of need and provide storage of their household goods.

A number of groups qualify after being referred by a charity or council .

We simply ask for some proof of qualification to qualify for the low cost storage offered for low income families and individuals the government definition is  a household is in persistent low income if it has less than 60% of the UK’s median (average) income for 3 out of 4 years - this was £28,000 for a couple with no children in 2016-2017

The cost for contributing to storage is typically 50-75 per cent lower then commercial rates.

This can even be offered at a discretionary 100 per cent discount under special provision. 

See how to refer  those in need 

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